Pier 8 and the OMB

Harbour West Neighbours has appealed the zoning by-law and subdivision plan enacted by City Council to control the future development on Pier 8. The OMB has held two pre-hearing conferences and has approved the six issues to go to a hearing. At the heart of the HWN appeal is the problem created by the fact that the City, as the owner of Pier 8, is the developer. It also has the power the power to make the rules. It is like the referee at a Tiger Cat game playing for one of the teams. (Two local industries, P+H and Bunge, have also appealed.)

 The six issues approved for a hearing can be summarized as follows:


Are the City traffic and parking studies sufficient to forecast future traffic and parking on the adjacent neighbourhood?

 Does the City zoning for Pier 8 strengthen and enhance the North End Neighbourood as required by the Official Plan (Setting Sail)?

 Was the public participation carried on by the City adequate and did it provide an effective contribution to the planning process?

Do the Zoning By-Law and Subdivision comply with the Official Plan (Setting Sail) requirements for an urban design study of Piers 7 & 8?

Has the North End Traffic Management Plan been fully implemented before development as required by Setting Sail?

Do the zoning and subdivision by-laws approve a density and character of development for Pier 8 that conforms to the policies of Setting Sail?

The heart of the HWN appeal is that the City has unlawfully moved from the approved number of units (750) and now proposes to build 1500 or more units, increasing traffic and parking demands and preventing Pier 8 development from providing affordable family housing that integrates with the existing homes in the North End neighbourhood. The appeal also will deal with the substantially increased size of commercial and retail uses that also will bring increased traffic and parking. As a child and family friendly neighbourhood, traffic and parking area major issues.


Together, we can protect our neighbourhood from bad planning decisions by working together. If you will spend one hour per month working to make our neighbourhood voice strong, the City may listen. The jobs are simple and easy: Sharing information about new developments; Attending meetings about new developments; Making a phone call to our Councillor; Signing petitions; Taking part in on-line discussions. Making your voice heard. All of these help. If you will spend one hour per month, HWN will coordinate the voices of our neighbourhood on the new City initiatives.

Harbour West Neighbours (HWN) is a neighbourhood advocacy group of North End residents working to ensure that the principles of Setting Sail and the North End Traffic Management Plan are implemented. To help protect your neighbourhood, please send your name, phone number or email address to us. email:members@harbourwestneighbours.ca Web: www.harbouresteneighbours.ca/join Phone 905-769-0809 and we will keep you informed as we work on these issues.