Who can we believe?

Hamilton's mission statement is clear.   Our Council and City staff advertise that our common mission is to be the Best City in Canada to raise a child and the Best City in Canada for public engagement.  If that is applied on a daily basis rather than just in our municipal promotion, the planning for our city will start with what works for children and sincerely search out what the people who live in our city and really know about life in Hamilton today, what works, what doesn't work and what will work in the future.

We have looked at all the planning documents issued by the City for the North End neighbourhood in 2014 - six planning initiatives launched by the City on our neighbourhood in one year.  Here are the references to children:



As to engaging citizens, the entire, total encounters from January 1, 2012 to December 2014 between City staff and our neighbourhood association on the six planning initiatives was:

Three half day focus group meetings on one of the six initiatives

We hope this helps Hamiltonians from other parts of the city to start to understand our concerns.  The North End neighbourhood is now and promised to be in the future a Child and Family Friendly Neighbourhood.  The kind of neighbourhood cities around the world want to see in the urban centre of the city. Can we believe that the City has any intention of protecting it as a place where children will live?  Or will the guiding spirit to our municipal planning be the VISIONS of creating a new Toronto in Hamilton?